Monday, March 30, 2009

Flush Mount Album

Ahhh, I finished working on an album yesterday for Jaramy and Rayla. Albums are truly a labor of love I must say because I like to custom design each one so that they tell their own story in a unique way. I edit each photo included (which the client picks out themselves or with my help if they need it) going through each one with a fine tooth comb for both technical and cosmetic adjustments. Next I work on the design layout until I'm finished, then let it sit a few days before ordering - just so I can take a final look with fresh eyes and make any final changes or touch ups. The album Jaramy and Rayla ordered is the best you can get and well worth it. The flush mount panoramic album has a beautiful hard cover which they chose in leather and the pages inside are actual photographs mounted to a thicker, sturdier page which opens on a special hinge and lays perfectly flat. This means I can design layouts across both pages without losing anything in the middle. It also means the album will last them a lifetime and I hope they will enjoy it for many years to come! Their session on Cocoa Beach near Patrick Air Force Base, started out a couples session and became an engagement session after Jaramy proposed during our photo shoot! It was so fun to be there for that!! They chose a 10x10 album with 20 spreads (75 images.) So, here's a few fun pages that tell the story... each of these is a "spread" actually two pages, opened up and laying flat.
Before she knew she was about to be engaged...

Here it comes, we asked Rayla to take a walk down the beach for a special shot while Jaramy got to work writing the big question in the sand... the water washed it a way once so we had to stall her while he did it again...

She said yes!

My fave spread, I just have a thing for feet in the water...

Well guys, you should have your book soon, I hope you love it!

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  1. That is so creative. The thought of pictures and then the proposal, WOW! That is funny how the water washed the propasal away the first time. Congrads to the new couple.
    Super Photos Angel!