Monday, July 26, 2010

The Wood-Purdie Family

I photographed the Wood-Purdie family earlier in July -- my great Aunt and Uncle and their daughter's family (my cousins.) They were all in town for some vacation time and we hung out for the 4th as well. My kids love it when they get to play with their cousins (2nd or 3rd cousins? I can never remember how that goes!) I'm blessed to have such a big family and really thankful for the gift that has been in my life!

Since I have been meaning to get some updated pics here of my kids since Davis had his second birthday in March, I figured I would include a few from the barbque below!

Just an idea... in wrapped canvas...

There's Mary on the right, she's 5 1/2 now!

My babe and his big belly... love it.

There's Logan on the right, he's just turned 7 and he absolutely adores having his picture made, can you tell?

Sunday, July 25, 2010


I photographed baby Quinn in her home in Melbourne week before last. She was past newborn but still quite little and just oh so sweet. She almost looked like she'd had her hair styled it was such a full head of hair! I love this one above! Makes me want to hold mine again when they were that small. The problem is, we don't get to do that. There is no rewinding or even a pause- no DVR option for life. This is what makes photography so important in every stage of your family, not just to have pictures, but to help you feel those moments again and again. I will be photographing baby Quinn throughout her first year so stay tuned to see how fast she will change! And, will her hair fall out or will it be down to her waist by her first birthday?

You know I can't resist baby feet.

What a sweet family!

If you are looking to book a newborn session, please read the baby slade entry under newborn and call before your delivery to set up a tentative session date.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Baby Layla

I photographed baby Layla in her home a couple weeks ago and she is adorable. I love this one taken sleeping on her daddy's back and the one below here too is a favorite of mine. She has the sweetest little girl features and was just a doll to work with. Lots of poop, but still a doll. You can see the maternity session leading up to her arrival here. I'm so excited for her parents and hope to keep up with her as she grows and changes so fast!

With newborns, you've to get a crying pic (memories right?) and sleeping pics since she'll be awake for every session from now till forever!

This was just begging to be photographed.

Love Love Loved the nursery, what a cute idea with the pots right?

Congrats Chris and Mandy and thanks for your patience while I was moving!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Aimee's 18th!

Aimee looked beautiful for her 18th birthday celebration and had, well maybe just a few admirers. Actually, it looked like the press had shown up for a red carpet event! I can't say enough about Aimee and how incredibly sweet she was from the moment I met her and throughout her big day. She left such an impression on me with her graciousness, gratitude and thoughtfulness to others. Her family must be so proud of the young woman she has become. I loved learning all about the customs of this event for Aimee's family. I loved all the traditions involved such as the 18 dancing boys with roses (my husband saw that one tonight and said "what's that in his mouth?" I said, "that's called a rose darling, maybe you should familiarize yourself with those again?") After the dancing boys, Aimee had 18 dedicated candles to light, each with a small word to the person she chose to share that moment with. Then there were dances with mom and uncles, cake, etc. It was all very nice and the Hilton Rialto did an excellent job as usual with event planning and follow-through. I am always impressed by the attentive staff and event coordinator there.

I realize it has been over a week since my last entry. I can't believe it was a week ago today that my family moved into our new-to-us home in Satellite Beach. We are right near my parents now which is wonderful, but the move was much more difficult than I anticipated and I have been buried in the details of that for the past week. It's never good to lose that much ground on my client galleries, orders and highlights here on the blog so I will be playing some catch up! I have baby Layla coming up next with baby Quinn and the Wood family behind her! I only took one session this week so that will help while I am making up ground. Please bear with me while I wade through this! I have a few orders to finish this week and then go out of town for a maternity shoot in Ohio next week! For my brother and his wife! Super cool.

more cameras.

I think I forgot to mention that everyone in Aimee's family is stunningly beautiful.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Gruber Family - Cocoa Beach Vacation Photography

I met the Gruber family last weekend (hmmm okay no it was the weekend before last!) They were on vacation in Cocoa Beach, FL and looking for an on location family photographer. I get so many calls like this in the summer that my schedule does not allow me to take them all! Jerry takes his three sons on a fabulous vacation every summer and has recently started investing in a photographer every time to capture the memories. I love that as a dad he is thinking of these things and I know years from now they will all treasure their summer vacation images!

this hat-wearing-style is new to me... is it a northern thing or am I just terribly old?

A little family dynamic here...

This little guy was always quick to look and smile at the camera, so willing to please!

Love it!!
So, I can't help asking, do you guys get alot of "magruber" jokes? Love the SNL skit, but haven't seen the movie. AND, tell us how you liked River Rocks!