Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mark and Erika

I had the privilege of photographing one of my oldest and dearest friends last week. Erika and I have been friends since some time in elementary school when she got off the boat from Italy - I mean New York - and headed to FL. She and I lived just blocks away from each other and went through braces phases, big ugly hair phases, dumb guy phases, sneaking out the window phases (she made me do it) and everything in between. She always made me late for school. I would wait for her as she blow dried her hair yelling "NO MAH, I AM NOT CHANGING OUT OF THIS SKIRT!" or something like that, I really just remember the "mah" part. She reminds me that I was the one getting her into trouble while she protested and wanted to follow the rules. Which brings to mind that I think she stayed in while we snuck out. Goody two shoes. She swears I drove her (in reverse the whole time) the 6 blocks from her house to mine on several occasions. (I remember nothing of the sort.) We were cheerleaders together until we decided that wasn't cool anymore. Finally came graduation from high school -go scorps (insert feigned school spirit here and did you know I love parenthesis?)
Now she gives me her daughter's hand-me-downs and my daughter goes nuts over the Hannah Montana shirts. I am also a much better girl and have stopped sneaking out. Times have changed but I am blessed to still have Erika's friendship and to see her engaged to a great guy (who also went to HS with us but was too busy with lame stuff like sports.) She has been super weirded out about being on the blog as if "everyone" is going to see it. She doesn't get that only my mom and I look at this and I even have to call and say "Mom, have you looked at the blog?" She always says "No I'll look tonight honey." I'm not sure she ever does but part of that is because she keeps forgetting how to use a computer. She does love me, I swear.
Anyway, I think Erika's just being modest.

This one above was our favorite. We ended up ordering it in the color-ish version (up top) on metallic paper, mounted to a standout. Nice. I still like this BW one too.

Mark and Erika have tatoos. The serious ones, not like us lame-o's who got one little thing while backpacking through Europe and totally hate it now. Lame-o is my favorite word lately and I don't know why or how that happened. So, I brought in some haze here so you could see Mark's arm.

Erika's going to say she looks pale here and she's going to hate that I included one that shows her off so much. But the light is in the post processing and I like it because everything else here is DARK and also because she looks beautiful and Mark looks adoring.

I noticed I forgot this one above last night and duh when I love it so much.

Dark and moody but that's my girl anyway. I like this one.

This just in, my convo with mom this morning:
"Mom, I wrote about you in the last two blog entries."
"Really honey? How do I get to the blog?"

I hate pictures of myself.

Well, I have a few minutes while images are converting from raw to jpg for an order I am editing so I thought I'd finally put these up here. I am planning on some time next century for actually updating my profile on the web site, facebook, etc. The picture on the main site is crazy out of date. This became most apparent to me when my mom (who gives her opinion once every 30 years) told me I needed to switch that "old picture" off my website. Then there were the pre-office times when I used to meet clients at Starbucks for consults and they would look around for the young skinny girl with long blonde hair and finally settle on me as a back up. I would like to say I have a strategy. We are working on some fun new changes here, including a new website. Why put any more time, ever again, into the old site? Isn't there enough to do? Unfortunately I have to admit I just like the younger. blonder. me. So, in an act of complete surrender to my aging self, I grabbed a couple of new friends (while I was at WPPI which I plan to blog sometime mid to late next century), handed them my camera and proceeded to feel incredibly awkward having my picture made. I don't know how you guys do it so well! Behind the lens is the place for me!! Oh and no I did not hold my camera up by my face or on my shoulder or any other lame place. I have no desire to be pictured with my camera as if we are dating. You know I'm a photographer still right? (please no offense to my talented friends who do like to be pictured with their camera. whatever floats your boat.) Anyway, I just haven't had time to do anything with these but I want my friends to know how much I do appreciate their help. Big thanks to Derek Cookson Royal Oak, MI photographer and Jason Prezant Newark, DE photographer. Derek even did the post processing for me which is great because I probably would have airbrushed my face off. I'll spare you the list of physical attributes I would like to change and just offer a moment of silence in appreciation for Photoshop.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Addison turns 1

I met up with Addison and her family in Vero Beach, well almost 2 weeks ago - I have been feverishly finishing lots of orders this week! We had a great time, following Addison around the park, watching her stuff her face with cake and changing her outfits just for fun - which is what you do with little girls until they get old enough to want to dress themselves. darn it. I think I would dress my daughter into her first day of college if she would let me.
But she definitely won't.
Anyhow, Addison is a cutie and I think we captured some great memories here! Enjoy!

my fave.

The only thing even close to as wonderful as baby feet is baby leg pudge.

wardrobe malfunctions

Oh wait, no this one (on her toes) is my favorite.

I love it when people do just the right thing without me asking.

oh shoot maybe my favorite is this one?

she went for a stroll after "dessert"

the end

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Theresa and Joe get Married

I photographed Theresa and Joe's wedding last weekend at Ryckman Park in Melbourne Beach. I absolutely loved all the color and texture, especially all of Theresa's "etsy" finds. She worked with Kyla Coram of A Wedding to Remember planning the event. Theresa found her dress in NYC (Avine Perucchi by St. Pucchi) and the beautiful yellow flowers and table arrangements were designed by Amanda's florist. Theresa and Joe were a pleasure to work with. I shot their engagement session probably a year and a half ago at which time Theresa was living and working in DC and they had to commute to see each other. It's fun to see their relationship progress to being settled here in Melbourne and now husband and wife! Congratulations guys! All these highlights are being displayed as pages for my lay flat album designs. The fold comes straight down the middle.

love love love the crystal earrings and bracelet custom designed by an etsy store, hey Theresa give us the link down here in the comments! Her hair and makeup were taken care of by Essentials Spa.

If you didn't make it into this bridal party, you might now be wishing you did... These adorable coach bags were Theresa's bridesmaid gifts!

Amanda's florist

Love the shoes!

I must stop here and air my dirty laundry. If you were at the wedding ceremony, this is no surprise to you but if you weren't, let me fill you in. See those elegant glass vases lining the wedding isle? Yep, I broke one. Knocked it over with my foot while photographing the ceremony. Crash. Not exactly the highlight of my career. I felt terrible but figured if I stopped my coverage at all that might be even more distracting so I just kept going. Now, you might be browsing the blog wondering if I could be the photographer for you and thinking, "Yikes, she breaks things." Well, yes I did. However, allow me to calm your fears by letting you know that I will forever be haunted by this mishap. I will probably never lift a foot again during a ceremony without scanning the area for absolutely anything that could make a sound by getting knocked over. So there you go, my counselor said I should just put it out there. I am joking - but then again, nothing wrong with a little couch time!

We figured out that it's really hard to get an entire wedding party blowing a bubble at the same time.

If you are hoping to have a reception that everyone gets up and dances at and is lit well (which by the way I CANNOT stress enough) then DJ Shane is a great choice and a really nice guy.

Catering and Cake by Puff 'N Stuff out of Orlando. I used to love rock candy as a kid.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dom -senior portrait session preview

Okay finally the rest of Dom's highlights. I am on this mission to get a few wedding albums completed plus out of town this weekend so it has been a very crazy week. Dom, I hope you like your highlights!

I met Dom for Senior portraits last week and we were all around town but ended up here for some pics with his car. I am going to finish this blog entry later because I am wrapping up three wedding albums this week and going out of town this weekend so I am running a bit short on time and the blogging has to take a back seat. I know he is so excited to see some of these so I am putting up this preview then I'll add more later. I added some moody color and texture Dom, you may like the au-naturale better but I thought this was fun. That UFO looking thingy up top is one of the bugs that was swarming me thanks to the light I was holding right over my head. I kept it in the image just for the fond memories!

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Diaz Family

I met the Diaz family in Melbourne Beach last week for a family photography session. We had one of those super clear blue sky days which presents it's beauty along with it's challenges. It worked out great. Just before I shot the photo above I told these siblings that even though they may be in a tough season of practically hating each other, there will come a time in the future when they will be super close and they will love having these pictures... "So, get close and hug each other like you mean it!" Now for my disclaimer: I might have been displacing my own family experience as a teenager and these kids might actually adore each other right now and they may have even been thinking I am a total nutcase but okay we'll humor you. We'll never know, but as you can see they did a great job and there was no
"Mom, tell him to stop looking at me" going on.

Given the choice, I will pick images that make me laugh, sigh or cry any time over the "perfect portrait." So, I love this one above but don't worry mom, there are ones that actually show smiling faces as well! Same goes for below, I love how you can just tell what he is thinking!
He's like "seriously?"