Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Radcliff Family

I shot the Radcliff family photos in Melbourne Beach last weekend. They are a super cute little family! Sometimes toddlers can present unique challenges at the beach but despite that we still came away with beautiful images. The important part anyway is that we capture kids being themselves, even if that means they aren't always interested in the camera. Enjoy the highlights!

This is easily my favorite!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chris and Jennifer

I got together with Chris and Jennifer for their engagement photography session at the FIT gardens last weekend. I will be shooting their wedding in St. Augustine coming up and I always like to get to know my bride and groom ahead of time - it is sooo much better to shoot a wedding from a relational foundation than to just show up having never met each other before! That's why my engagement sessions are free with my wedding coverage. Speaking of wedding coverage, there are some changes going on there. I'm switching album manufacturers (again) and determined with this search for it to be the last. I am going to find you the best possible products with the best possible options for every budget and these books will knock your socks off. Once I make my decision and order some samples, I'll post photos here.
Well, I had a great time with this cute couple and I'm really excited about their wedding in my favorite place EVER - St. Augustine! (Lightner Museum ceremony and Columbia reception - yippee!)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Michael and Elizabeth

I photographed Michael and Elizabeth's wedding last weekend at Ascension Catholic Church in Melbourne and their reception following at the Suntree Country Club. Before the ceremony, Michael and Elizabeth took the opportunity to not only see each other for the first time in private but also get some portraits out of the way before the day took off. This allowed them to spend a few sweet moments together alone (a rare occasion on your wedding day!) and also to arrive sooner to their reception. I really enjoyed looking back through their images and wish them all the best in their marriage. This one on the top left is my favorite because they weren't posing for the camera yet and I feel like it captures their relationship perfectly. The images below are displayed like 10x20 album spreads for my 10x10 custom design flush mount albums. Just click on them to view them larger. Michael and Liz had a great Central Florida Videographer, Seth Cohen and a very professional (and prompt) limo driver with All Service Limousines, Inc.
Happy Honeymoon Michael and Liz!

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Crovo Family

I met up with my dear friends the Crovo's last week for some family photography. Actually more like child photography since we were missing Terry (bummer, he had to work late at the office!) Shana is an RN plus a personal trainer and fellow small business owner with Beachside Bootcamp in Satellite Beach. Seriously, you cannot get a better workout, with as much variety and group support anywhere; you are essentially receiving personal training at a fraction of the cost! I did the commercial photography for her updated site so I probably sound like a broken record after that entry a few months ago. We went to high school together and have been good friends ever since. I actually took her oldest child's baby pictures for a college photography assignment - he is 11 now! Holy cow. The Crovo kids are gorgeous and have these striking blue eyes which I swear are turquoise and I am totally jealous. It is always a pleasure being their photographer!

This is what happens to middle children, she is in there somewhere, see the foot?

Oh man, he is growing up, this was his blue steel.

They were asking to race from the start, following in mom's footsteps!


Thursday, October 15, 2009

The McCart Family

I met the McCart family last week on the beach for family portraits. They have these really beautiful children, twins just over a year and a six year old girl. They definitely have their hands full but the children seem very content and well behaved and of course loved. I think we had their session booked for a couple months so it was fun to finally meet them! Enjoy the highlights!

this is my favorite

love the pout

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Just Between Friends

This is a cool event coming up next weekend that anyone with a family, about to have family, grand kids, whatever, will not want to miss! I just browsed their web site and the event is so cool! Not only can you shop in one place for tons of great baby/kid clothing, products, baby equipment etc., at reduced prices but if you are in the first 500 you get a bag of coupons and deals from various local businesses who serve Brevard families - myself included! I'll be there at the sale Friday and Saturday and will have coupons in the bags and a FREE session offered in the raffle! Stop by and see me! Here's what's included in the sale if you want to be a consignor yourself or if you are shopping!
A sale of "gently used" children's clothing, name brand maternity wear, toys, outside playground equipment, baby and nursery items, books, videos, teen clothing, craft items, furniture, and many more unique children's items
Here's the link, they were even featured on Good Morning America... Just Between Friends Space Coast SEE YOU THERE!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Caleb and Ethan

I photographed Caleb and his baby brother Ethan at their home in Malabar last weekend. I wasn't that far from my house yet felt like I was in the country! Seeing Caleb's enthusiasm for the ducks, goats, birds and just nature in general made me wish I was raising my family there! The first image above is an example of a 10x20 inch storyboard. I had someone ask me about those this week so I thought I'd take this opportunity with cute Caleb to post one example. There are many layout options, but I do prefer those with just a few images. This product comes mounted to double weight mat board and costs $75.00 (the brown frame around the edge does not print with the image.) The text can be customized any way you'd like it; I just thought the quote reminded me of Caleb the country boy! Watch for the rocks in his hands, he picked up two and had to have one in each hand, I don't remember when he finally set them down!

Baby Ethan

Getting a photo of these two together was, let's just say, slightly difficult. Just wait though, they will inseparable one day soon and causing all sorts of trouble together!

Caleb loves the cat...

There is a frog in there.

Goats over there...


Don't you just want to kiss those cheeks? There are smiling ones here too but I love this expression best!

Hmmm, can't remember what that was, I think he was looking for bass in the pond, maybe he saw one.

back in the yard...