Monday, February 22, 2010

The Loftis Family

I photographed the Loftis family in Melbourne Beach last week. It was valentines day and even better than that they were celebrating their wedding anniversary. One of the biggies and I am so so bad with numbers (they don't stick in my head!) that I can't remember if it is 50 or 60 but judging by how great these guys look it must be 50th. Let me know if I'm wrong and you got married when you were 7! Comment here and tell us! It was refreshing to photograph a couple married this long as I do so much work with engagements! I should have them come along and do photog/how-to-make-marriage-work sessions! Their children and children's families were together for the celebration so we got some group shots as well. Congratulations!

How beautiful is Nancy's hair!? Love it.

Hey here is the preschool pic we were talking about... (This is the little guy in the red bow tie and I do the photos at his school. )

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Colbert Family

I shot the Colbert Family last weekend at Ryckman Park in Melbourne Beach. They have these adorable little boys, full of energy and personality. I really like their cute hats and the burst of color in their mommy's sweater. I think we had to cancel this session twice (or three?) times due to various reasons so it felt like a big accomplishment when we got such a beautiful evening! The next two images are actually accordion wallet designs, the front and the back, you can see what an accordion wallet is here. This is another long entry, sometimes I'm good at narrowing things down and other times I think it will be faster to just edit more images!

Bribery is totally allowed during photography sessions.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Baby Slade and Marianna

I had the pleasure of photographing baby Slade and baby Marianna recently. They are the cutest little cousins! I also have all these new baby props that I couldn't resist one day while shopping on Etsy and although I am not a fan of "props," this is one exception! I have three children of my own and my "baby" is almost two years old. Dana and I are sure that our family is complete. We are absopositutely (pinky dinky do) sure of it. The front door of our home should say "max capacity 5." In fact, I think that it would take the audible voice of God for us to change our minds. I'm pretty sure he might even have to raise his voice or send one of those scary looking angels who make everyone fall down and agree to anything. However, I know every mom will agree with me that no matter how sure you are, it is still a sad thing to think of never feeling those first kicks in your tummy again or holding your newborn child. No more baby asleep on your chest or toddlers who think you are the cat's meow... No more first steps, sweet giggles or kissing it and making it better. Well, I have found an almost-solution and it is newborn photography! If I can just live vicariously through my clients often enough (keep having babies people,) then at least I can perpetually enjoy the newbies while I enjoy mine going through their latest phases too (plus picking up after themselves, getting themselves dressed, and using the big potty.) Newborn photography isn't always easy, but it is worth it. I do newborn sessions in your home, preferably while your baby is less than 10 days old and it typically takes 2 hours. I lug a bunch of stuff with me from my studio - I do that because the best place for you and your baby is home! We don't have to do the formal portrait thing, you can also choose a more journalistic route and just let me follow you around for a couple hours of your routine day. If you do want to take the portrait road, it will be best to choose three of your favorites from this entry and/or from the rest of my newborns which you can see in the online portfolio of the main site and also here in the blog under newborns. You'll see Slade's hospital pics right at the top of those newborns right now! My good friend Gina was nice enough to let me put Slade through more than the normal session so I could give you these samples of the latest stuff - thanks Gina! Baby Slade was nice enough to just be his cute little self. His adorable cousin Marianna also popped by for a few shots in the new girly stuff.

Slade was ready to eat and I had to get on to my next session so I didn't get much in this adorable brown number but just fyi, I do have a girl hat for this too with the big cream colored flower on it and its absolutely scrumptious!