Thursday, May 28, 2009

Alley Family

I photographed the Alley extended family last week -- two families plus grandparents. I met the Alleys through my work on individual and class photos at First United Methodist Preschool. We met in their backyard and prayed the rain would hold off for a while! The boys (cousins who look like brothers) are only 6mths apart and such cute friends. I'm so glad they got a chance to play in the mud at the end because that was the best part!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bradley and Kristina

I shot Brad and Kristina's wedding at the Radisson Oceanfront Hotel in Melbourne, Florida a little over a week ago. I loved their colors, clothing choices and especially all the artistic touches Kristina added to the day. They were a fun group as well. I have honestly never seen this many "hams" in one group! Every wedding has at least one. The one who gets the party going, cracks jokes the whole time, harasses the photographer... Brad and Kristina's wedding was full of these wise guys! Below you'll see the four who became a huge source of entertainment on the dance floor. They seemed quite comfortable with all the attention! Brad and Kristina, I hope you had a great honeymoon and that your life together is full of laughter the way your wedding day was.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Ray and Tania's Album

I photographed Ray and Tania's wedding day over a year ago. I can't believe its been that long! I received their order a few months ago and with album production time (remember, these are a labor of love!) and some time off this month, I am just completing it now. They've already proofed their spreads but I thought I'd post a few here for my wedding clients who may be deciding on which album they'd like. These spreads are for the flush mount panoramic. Because the album is designed to lay flat and printed on true photographic paper, it allows me the most creativity in layout. What you see here are example custom spreads (really 2 pages with a tiny gap down the middle.) Ray and Tania's album ended up with 23 spreads (46 pages) which is average for a wedding album. I know they will love it and since the quality of the album will stand the test of time, they can treasure it always. Btw, the white and gray frame and my watermark are not printed in the actual book...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Matt and Blair

I met Matt and Blair in Melbourne Beach for their engagement session. They will be getting married in Georgia later this year, but are new residents to Melbourne. I loved Blair's cute dress and sash! It was a pretty evening with some fog over the beach which created a romantic atmosphere for their pictures. Thanks for your patience guys in waiting for your blog entry. I had to take last week off to be with my family during a difficult time. I hope you enjoy these samples, more to come!

Dance Recital

My four-year-old daughter had her first ever dance recital yesterday and I can't help but post a million pictures of her here! We had a little pre-recital photo shoot then you'll see a few from the recital which I'll explain as we go and then a few from afterwards with family. Mary takes dance at Heather's Dance Studio in Melbourne Florida -thanks for a great year!

seriously, I have no idea where she gets the attitude... okay maybe a small inkling...

Mary's instructor above...

Mary's instructor for part of the year above....

There's the girls gettin' their groove on...

Okay so Mary's timing was a little off but she gets an A for effort!
(She's shouting "ole!" for their Mexican Hat Dance)


Me and my girl...

All three monkeys hanging out at Long Doggers after the show

Best Buddies (sometimes!)