Saturday, April 4, 2009

UCF College of Medicine

Well, I am definitely no expert on the current events of the medical world, but it seems like a big deal to me that we now have a medical school right here in Central Florida. Its an even bigger deal that this school is making history by offering its entire charter class full scholarships, funds raised right here in the local community! I had the privilege to photograph part of the "Second Look" event on Friday. The accepted applicants were invited back for two days to experience class room interaction, tours of the campus and nearby hospitals, dinner in the Epcot globe and VIP seating for fireworks. I believe they also had the opportunity to put on a hard hat and tour the incredible new campus which is currently under construction at Lake Nona. (The first year will be spent on the main campus at UCF.) This is far beyond what most schools offer for a second look. All this is quite impressive but the most lasting impression for me was the staff and faculty and their enthusiasm. They have been working toward this goal of creating a top notch medical school and this weekend they began to realize the fruit of their labor, the students. These students will decide by May 15th which school they will attend in the Fall, assuming they hold multiple acceptances. UCF is looking for not only the best and the brightest but the pioneers. The students will work together with their professors to forge ahead and lay the ground work for the future of this school. It's a privilege, but no easy task for any of them - spoon feeders need not attend. If it were me (and trust me it wouldn't be,) I would jump at the chance to work with this team of professors and administration. They are far from comfortable or satisfied; rather they are hungry to see their students and school achieve more, do more, be more.
I just want to say congratulations to all who have worked toward this "impossible" dream and continued on past possible to phenomenal.

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