Monday, May 18, 2009

Dance Recital

My four-year-old daughter had her first ever dance recital yesterday and I can't help but post a million pictures of her here! We had a little pre-recital photo shoot then you'll see a few from the recital which I'll explain as we go and then a few from afterwards with family. Mary takes dance at Heather's Dance Studio in Melbourne Florida -thanks for a great year!

seriously, I have no idea where she gets the attitude... okay maybe a small inkling...

Mary's instructor above...

Mary's instructor for part of the year above....

There's the girls gettin' their groove on...

Okay so Mary's timing was a little off but she gets an A for effort!
(She's shouting "ole!" for their Mexican Hat Dance)


Me and my girl...

All three monkeys hanging out at Long Doggers after the show

Best Buddies (sometimes!)


  1. Angel,
    These pictures are great! Mary is getting so big and she has such a cute, spunky little her mama! Thanks for sharing. We will have to have some play dates this summer!

  2. Angel,
    Great pics sis, Mary is definitely growing into a beautiful little girl.


  3. Angel,

    I LOVE these pics of the kiddos. Mary is so dawg-gone cute!!! You should keep the one where they're hugging handy so you can show them, when they're older, that they actually liked eachother. Ha!


  4. Angel,

    I love these pics. Mary is so dawg-gone cute! You should keep the one of them hugging handy so, when they're older, you can prove to them that they once liked each other. Ha!