Monday, June 15, 2009

Tyler and Casey

I first met Tyler at a birthday party for his grandfather I photographed, I think two years ago. What a cutie, and now there's Casey, his younger brother - quite the ham. We met in Melbourne Beach and had a great time. Children this age might not be excited about everything you ask them to do, but they are easy to photographing doing whatever it is they want to do!

He would have been happy with bucket and shovel for hours...

I love their mom's red hair! It's the perfect color!

Classic look, he must know I'm a mother, that's a look kids only give to mom's.

example: ask Casey to sit on Tyler's back for a cute shot...
back-up plan: funny shot

He's just chillin, hangin with the bucket, checkin the waves, the usual.

This is a had-to-be-there shot, but if you've ever had a child who doesn't like to get dirty than you know where its going...

I can't hug him, he's sandy.


Time for ice cream, no mountain he can't climb....

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