Monday, February 22, 2010

The Loftis Family

I photographed the Loftis family in Melbourne Beach last week. It was valentines day and even better than that they were celebrating their wedding anniversary. One of the biggies and I am so so bad with numbers (they don't stick in my head!) that I can't remember if it is 50 or 60 but judging by how great these guys look it must be 50th. Let me know if I'm wrong and you got married when you were 7! Comment here and tell us! It was refreshing to photograph a couple married this long as I do so much work with engagements! I should have them come along and do photog/how-to-make-marriage-work sessions! Their children and children's families were together for the celebration so we got some group shots as well. Congratulations!

How beautiful is Nancy's hair!? Love it.

Hey here is the preschool pic we were talking about... (This is the little guy in the red bow tie and I do the photos at his school. )

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