Thursday, March 18, 2010

Who Wants to Win?

Okay so here's the deal! I am launching a super fun contest for current High School juniors and seniors! Girls and Guys! The kick off event is this Thursday at BCC's "Project Get Ready" event on the Melbourne Campus from 4-8pm! Whether you are going to attend BCC or not, you don't want to miss this. If you are at the BCC event you will have a chance to win lots of awesome raffle prizes plus get your entry into my contest! We will take your picture - you can be cute, fun, silly or crazy, it is all up to you. After we have all the submissions ready we will post them for voting and let you know all the details, the cut off date, etc... The Grand Prize winner (with the most votes!) will win a lot of awesome stuff, plus there will 2 additional winners who win packages too! We'll have lots of sample products there for you to see and my favorite red gumballs, just because I love red stuff. You should eat the gumball after your picture since gum smacking is not the cutest... However blowing a really big bubble could be cool and get you lots of votes... hmmmm strategy people! So, copy and paste the info below and post it to your facebook page, send it out to your friends, anyone you know who might like to win some photography! Not just the services but lots of prints and products too! Don't be stingy... I am reserving a special prize for whoever invites the most people and yes we will be asking who invited you!

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