Thursday, June 24, 2010

Baby Hunter

I photographed baby Hunter in his home a couple weeks ago and he was such a sweetie. I couldn't resist the sequence above. He fought off sleep for a minute and then just dived right in, sweet baby smile and all. It is definitely baby season so stay tuned! I have a newborn on Tuesday and two more clients expecting to deliver this week!

I loved Hunter's room!


Crying pictures of babies are oddly sweet to me. I think it might be because they bring back vivid memories as a mom, to when my babes were tiny and needy like this and
that urge to comfort them and how it seemed hard at the time but looking back and even experiencing it with my third, I've realized the simplicity of the situation is something to savor. Baby needs mom, mom loves baby. The end.
Next comes... Baby refuses to obey mommy. Mommy can't figure it all out.
Mommy needs vacation.

Hunter's big sister was so careful with him!

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