Monday, July 5, 2010


I photographed Gideon's senior portraits a few weeks ago but have just now come back to them to share with you. He was super comfortable in front of a camera which was great (and unusual for most guys!) He has already seen a few of these but hopefully the rest will be fun for him! When I think about people his age, I always think it is just around the corner that I will run into him and see the adult he has become. It will feel like a shock because it will seem like he was a teenager just a few days ago. He might be wearing a suit or carrying a bag of tools or even a child on his back... It's amazing to me how that jump from high school to adult life seems to happen so fast. I don't know Gideon that well, but I know enough to believe that whatever he is "wearing" five years from now, he will be giving his best.

His brother and sister were there so we shot a few of them while Gideon changed clothes. BTW, let me just say that although I work on a large, flat screen, HD monitor, I am uploading on a laptop right now and appalled at the poor color and screen resolution! Is this what "you" see?? Yikes, okay so do me one favor and at least try hunching down to view your screen straight on. Please? thank you. I will sleep better.

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