Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Levy Family

The Levy family have been good friends of mine for a long time. Its funny that I just photographed the Ryals who have 3 children, all girls and all similar ages to my kids and now the Levy's who also have 3 similar ages but all boys! I was glad when Kelly pulled the "free session" ornament out of our Christmas gift exchange because I knew she was ready for some family photos... I never thought we'd be doing them in the summer but it worked out well with the baby walking now, so he could play too. These boys all have their own little personalities and it was fun seeing them come out in these photographs...

Asher is the talkative social butterfly, Declan the thinker and Miles the sweet, smiley baby.

He's about to say something quick and witty...

Lovable furry old... Miles

Look at those dimples!
Declan has the sheepish grin like he knows more than I do but won't tell me.

Miles, what's wrong? Did I forget my makeup?

If you know Asher, you know his cute expressions are never ending... I think he's part grown up. Tom Hanks style.

My favorite. There's lots of Kelly and Declan smiling and laughing
but this one is the quiet moment. With three children, I know those are precious.

Asher is also part super hero.

Thinkers feel grumpy sometimes... I can relate.


These guys really love their daddy, they just couldn't get enough.

second favorite.

Kelly is such a great wife and mom, she's always talking about how much she loves her husband Lev, what a great dad he is and how much she believes in him... It always reminds me that I should complain less and encourage more. Hope you guys enjoy these!

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