Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chris and Jennifer

I got together with Chris and Jennifer for their engagement photography session at the FIT gardens last weekend. I will be shooting their wedding in St. Augustine coming up and I always like to get to know my bride and groom ahead of time - it is sooo much better to shoot a wedding from a relational foundation than to just show up having never met each other before! That's why my engagement sessions are free with my wedding coverage. Speaking of wedding coverage, there are some changes going on there. I'm switching album manufacturers (again) and determined with this search for it to be the last. I am going to find you the best possible products with the best possible options for every budget and these books will knock your socks off. Once I make my decision and order some samples, I'll post photos here.
Well, I had a great time with this cute couple and I'm really excited about their wedding in my favorite place EVER - St. Augustine! (Lightner Museum ceremony and Columbia reception - yippee!)

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