Monday, October 19, 2009

The Crovo Family

I met up with my dear friends the Crovo's last week for some family photography. Actually more like child photography since we were missing Terry (bummer, he had to work late at the office!) Shana is an RN plus a personal trainer and fellow small business owner with Beachside Bootcamp in Satellite Beach. Seriously, you cannot get a better workout, with as much variety and group support anywhere; you are essentially receiving personal training at a fraction of the cost! I did the commercial photography for her updated site so I probably sound like a broken record after that entry a few months ago. We went to high school together and have been good friends ever since. I actually took her oldest child's baby pictures for a college photography assignment - he is 11 now! Holy cow. The Crovo kids are gorgeous and have these striking blue eyes which I swear are turquoise and I am totally jealous. It is always a pleasure being their photographer!

This is what happens to middle children, she is in there somewhere, see the foot?

Oh man, he is growing up, this was his blue steel.

They were asking to race from the start, following in mom's footsteps!


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