Friday, November 13, 2009

October-November Family Pics

We had a very busy October and I didn't even open up the Disney file for this update. We spent the day at the Magic Kingdom on my birthday and had loads of fun! Obviously there is halloween stuff and the pumpkin patch which is really humorous... take notes from the professional here people... on how to get your kids to cooperate... or how to get them to freak out at any mention of the camera! After Halloween we went camping at Disney's Fort Wilderness with some good friends from St. Augustine. There's a couple pics of the newly redecorated camper (okay so I forgot to take them BEFORE it got messy) --we love the new drapes and cushions! I traded services with a friend for this a while back and she did an excellent job! Camping was a blast and a good break in the midst of this very hectic time of year.

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