Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Patterson Families!

My good friend Becky has this big huge family. I was so excited when she asked me to photograph all of them. Then I remembered that they are all super-creative and I got a little nervous. Most of my clients don't have a strong vision for what they want going into a shoot but I knew these guys would and I just hoped I could deliver! She mainly wanted photos of all the brothers and sisters together. We saved that for last and did a quick mini session with the big family group and each individual family first, then the little ones ran off to play with the daddies while the sisters-and brother stayed on for their pics. We had a lot of fun roaming around in Cocoa Village. The first one up there is my favorite but I am super partial to the school bus pics too. We got kicked off the bus fairly quick but the more I think about it, don't I own at least a piece? Maybe even a wheel? What's the harm in a few pics? geez.

love this, and yes Emily Dana knew exactly who you guys were, small world!

check those eyes.

These guys have three kids in three years... enough said.

Apple & Eve, I found your poster child.

ohhh he is cute!

love this one above too, had to replace your face though Becky, in every one of this series someone had eyes shut or was looking away... you were the easiest one to fix...

Alicia didn't think she was going to get on the bus.

Good times.

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