Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Girl is FIVE

This is my Mary and for some reason it is hard for me to believe she is five. The first child is "supposed" to get big. The second, my only girl, well she is forever 2 in my brain, tiny sprigs of pig tails sticking out from her head, pudgy legs, ferocious energy, infectious laugh, determined personality. I guess the only thing that's really changed is her hair and those new skinny legs. She is a girl who knows what she wants. Set a menu in front of her, whether it be a selection of food, clothes, songs, you name it, and she chooses quickly and effortlessly like she knew before you ever asked. She doesn't stress out over much except not getting her way. Winning and losing don't matter to her but letting her play by her own rules is what counts. She can be a little devious when left unchecked. I remember hearing her explain to her older brother (when she was still a toddler) that "they won't know if they don't see you." He hadn't figured that out yet. Mary has a gift for knowing how to laugh with you, cry with you and share with you. She enthusiastically celebrates her brother's achievements without an ounce of envy. She notices if you are sad and expresses real sympathy. She would give you that last lick of her ice cream cone. She is a butterfly of sorts. Sitting in the bath tub playing she can't remember if I washed her hair five minutes ago but she's sharp as a whip when the rubber hits the road, always full of insight into whatever song lyrics she's listening to, what 3 times 3 is and basically the meaning of life. She ties her own shoes, fixes her own hair and swims like a fish. She appreciates a well accessorized outfit, good shoes, spicy food and chocolate anything. Her new favorite color is red (same as mine) but is still looking forward to an all pink bedroom. She's got a lot of her mommy in her but thankfully missed out on the perfectionist-type-A-personality-thing. She's more care free and street smart instinct and less "make a list" and "figure it out."

Mary is her own person and I pray that as God's plans for her are laid down, like a path through a cobblestone garden, she will step into them, skipping all the way, enjoying the journey - because my girl knows how to stop and smell the roses.

Mary likes pink donuts for breakfast on her birthday and no we didn't eat all these, they were for bringing to her class. Yes that is why your child was bouncing off the ceiling so much you couldn't buckle him in after school.

Davis wanting his share.

Evidence that not all kids want toys for their birthday. Before she even opened she was skipping around announcing that she "knows that is a shoe box!"

After school we headed out for her birthday wish: pierced ears. We met up with my mom, my two aunts, my grandma and a couple of the guys too...

chewing gum - my mom is a dealer, keep your kids away or they will be hooked too... yes even your 18mth old.

this is mary previewing the ink marks before they actually pierce

this is after she settled down.

i swear she begged for pierced ears.

ahhh and the happiness kicks in

This next batch was our pre-dinner photo shoot which lasted about 15 minutes - I came away with at least 100 images... had a hard time picking favorites...

sneaky mary. sweet mary.

I said, mary your undies were showing in that last one and got the above response.

sad mary. happy mary. mere seconds apart.

one of her favorite gifts was a new nightgown. she vowed to wear it all day the next day but had to get dressed when we went to the office. she changed back as soon as we got home.

sweet davis.

a few days later another birthday gift - The Bippity Boppity Boutique at Downtown Disney...

she is currently sleeping in this hair and makeup, determined for it to last through the next few days. Judging from the amount of spray in her hair, it really might.

Just a reminder to me that my "big 6 1/2 year old" is really still quite small. Thank goodness.

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  1. Wow, great pics sis. Minus the one of Davis in a skirt... Great description of Mary too! I like the part of how she knows what she wants before you even hand the menu to her... so true!