Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Product Catalog

This is a project a few years in the making or at least a few years of good intentions! Finally a visual product catalog to accompany your price list. Just browse this blog entry for everything from albums and fine art to hand bags and holiday cards. The only thing I don't have included yet is a sample clip from one of our DVD slide shows... it is coming soon! Keep in mind that nearly all these products can be seen (and touched!) in person at my office. Just make an appointment to come in; I can offer help with your order and planning for your display as well!

I switched to these albums just a few months ago and I am so excited to gather my own studio samples! For now the images above are compliments of the album co. You can see all the colors and the three types of books but ask for the complete Album Descriptions and pricing in pdf form for all the details! These are beautiful albums with high quality printing, lay flat pages for panoramic spreads and simplicity for classic style. You can go with the awesome leather bound cover and super thick pages or the more affordable version in linen cover with thinner but still high quality pages. The best part about these books is that each one is custom designed from scratch in an effort to tell your unique story in the best way possible - be it wedding, family, baby or portrait. Don't forget your mini 4x4 companions, they are adorable!!
See various album spread designs here.
If you are looking into ordering an album, I also have an "Album Tips" document and an "Album Worksheet" to help you in the ordering process! Just shoot me an email!

Proof books above are an option for any session, event or wedding. They are simply a catalog of your images, numbers printed below, usually 9 images per page. Reference the Wedding Specialty list for the pricing on these.

Oh I do love my accordion wallet books! They are the size of a wallet photo, make terrific gifts, come in various colors and are absolutely to die for! Two sided!

One of my fine art options (above) is the Acrylic mount. This is something you need to see in person so make an appointment to meet me in the office! Best choice for Acrylic is a full color photograph that's got some pop. Hardware included.
Another fine art option (above) is my personal favorite the Brushed Aluminum mounting. Again, get into the office to see this beauty! The texture is fabulous, the mounting is
done by hand and it comes ready to hang. Best images for these are black and white or reduced saturations.

The first canvas option (above) is the Wrapped Canvas. These come to you ready to hang. The image is actually printed directly to canvas for a soft finish then wrapped around the edges of the canvas for a sleek, modern look. The best images for this product have lots of room around the edges for the wrapping process. While this canvas costs a little more than the next one, you do save money in the long run on skipping the frame.

The second canvas option is the Canvas Print. It is an actual photograph mounted to canvas so the texture comes through. The finish is still slick like a photo and therefore will have more pop than the soft finish of the wrapped canvas. There is no need for extra room around the edges as these are not wrapped. The edges will be stapled.
Most clients planning to frame a canvas choose this product.

The modern Standout (above) is an actual photograph mounted to "gator foam" and ready to hang. The edges are available in black or white. This is a modern and fun mounting option.

NEW!! We have just decided to offer custom framing services. We will have 16 frame options available for preview in the office, 4 inch black or white matting and non-glare glass. Of course you can go without the mat and the glass if you are framing a canvas. Because we keep it simple, this service is guaranteed to cost less than you would pay another custom frame shop. Ask for a quote and/or for help planning your wall!

I love Alice Carter! She is a good friend of mine and does beautiful work, my favorite being the oil pastel renderings of photographs. Because I love them so much I offer them as a product in my catalog and work together with her on getting the image over and the art work back to you! The pastels above are of my sweet kiddos!

Storyboards (10x20 example above) are available as 10x20 or square prints. These are mounted to a thick mat board and ready to sit on a ledge or an easel or to be framed as well. You'll see an example of a square design below. Several design options are available.

When I started to put these handbags up on the blog I realized I should dig out a picture of my mom carrying hers! It wasn't hard since she always has one of them on her arm. She says she is constantly being stopped by people admiring and asking how they can get one too. I took these pics of her when we were scouting out the Disney Wedding Pavilion before I shot my first wedding there. Those are of course my little monkeys on the bag (above) but it's a little outdated! There are several options for handbags and other accessories. The latest gift I gave my mom was a beach bag with a photo of my kids (bathing suits on, covered in sand) facing the camera on the front and then on the back you can see them from behind sitting in the same place on the beach. So cute. I'll have to snatch that one away for some photos. Ask for the complete list of these in pdf form. They are the best gifts ever!!!

Another handbag above, available two sided.

Moving on to card options, the above card is an accordion.
These are available in a few different shapes. Super nice!

The card above is a folding card (see inset.) Include as much or as little message as you'd like!
This one was printed on "pearl" paper. Everyone loves the subtle shimmer.

The most popular card (above) is the flat 5x7, 2 sided option.
Choose from one of many designs or get something unique with our custom design service! These also come smaller in 4x6 and postcard options. See various card designs here!

Well of course I offer gift certificates!! They come packaged in my signature
"red box, black bow" ready to give to that special someone. A friend having a baby? A parent who has been asking for family pictures for way too long? What a great addition to your wedding registry, OH and husbands love these for mother's day gifts!

Phew. That is the longest Blog entry EVER. Post comments! Email me with questions!


  1. Awesome Pictures! I love all the samples. I really do think the pictures will help you sell more than just prints.
    I love the frames you have added also. I could just go on and on but you already know how I feel about your work!