Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Enigma Ladies Night

Just a few snapshots from Ladies Night at Enigma last week! Such good times, I think I'll try to participate a few times a year (not an easy task hauling all these fragile display products around!) When I get a chance (hmmm) I will photograph some of these items individually so you can reference them on the blog when you want to see a wrapped canvas or stand out or framed canvas, metal or acrylic mounting, ETC! What I really need is a space for keeping them displayed all the time - who's got space to sublet? Maybe in exchange for ongoing photography services? Hey it's worth a shot! (tee hee, that's a pun.)

Here's a blog bonus: if you can see your images in here anywhere I will give you $10 off any product you order with that image on it, no minimum!

My pal Kelly setting up for Indian River Soap Co. which I LOVE in downtown Melbourne... the Reggae Sunsplash soap and candles are my favorite and I use the glycerin soaps "by the slice" for all my sinks, they are beautiful and smell great too! All natural products is a big plus and they gave out some great coupons so I'm hoping to get in there and use mine soon!

Many thanks to Barb who organizes this whole thing!

And of course to Enigma also for thinking outside the box and great food too!

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