Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Preschool Pictures!

I had the pleasure of spending three days last week at First United Methodist Preschool in Melbourne. This is the best preschool ever; it's my family's third year there and we love it! Mary will actually graduate and move on to kindergarten next year but just in time for little Davis to start in the two-year-old class! I started providing the individual and class pictures for "FUMP" last year, so this was our second go at it. The goal is to get away from the typical school picture and provide something of higher quality that captures the personalities of the children. We aim for one formal portrait and one more candid in black and white. We had a little obstacle this year with a rainy playground but worked around it just fine and let me tell you these kids (and don't even get me started on the teachers) are awesome! I LOVE this age and I won't say it's easy photographing so many of them but I do really enjoy it and especially just knowing that parents are being offered this beautiful portrait that isn't usually available in a school setting. These examples are thanks to parents I know who gave me written permission to use them on the blog... I am a little partial to the cover girl up there...

Just a few preschool moments (actually some 1st grade ones too)... As I picked Mary up from school today she was telling me all about the "compound words" she learned like "wa - ful... Oh, I think I mean pan-cake..." And yesterday as she and Logan argued in the morning before school (facing each other) over which is way is right... Or, Logan's drawing of Noah's ark that came home from school with none other than Optimus Prime right there on the main deck (he had to survive the flood right?) I just can't get enough of that stuff. Do they have to grow up?

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