Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New employee!

Well here we go with the official announcement of Coleen, my new assistant!!! I just have a snapshot of her with her puppy to share but I think we'll be doing some fun head shots of each other as a little training exercise so stay tuned (I think my pic on the main site is 3 years old, so I'm due. I might have to let go of the younger looking me for the, hmmm, more experienced version - i.e. mother of three with wrinkles and shorter hair. whatev.) Back to Coleen, she is very excited for this new position with Angel Gray Photography. Prior to accepting this position, she worked as a studio manager and album designer for a wedding photographer in CT. She is very experienced in image and product work flow as well as managing deadlines. Creatively, she has designed more albums than she can count. She will be assisting with administration and emails, galleries and album design and eventually assisting on weddings and portrait work. She is very excited to start and we hope this will be the beginning of a great relationship! Seriously, I'm hoping Coleen will not only increase the efficiency of Angel Gray Photography (making things even better for our clients) but I'm thinking that with her help I could start watching occasional TV again, or go to bed before 1am! Grey's Anatomy is back at the end of this month! No pressure Coleen!

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