Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dom -senior portrait session preview

Okay finally the rest of Dom's highlights. I am on this mission to get a few wedding albums completed plus out of town this weekend so it has been a very crazy week. Dom, I hope you like your highlights!

I met Dom for Senior portraits last week and we were all around town but ended up here for some pics with his car. I am going to finish this blog entry later because I am wrapping up three wedding albums this week and going out of town this weekend so I am running a bit short on time and the blogging has to take a back seat. I know he is so excited to see some of these so I am putting up this preview then I'll add more later. I added some moody color and texture Dom, you may like the au-naturale better but I thought this was fun. That UFO looking thingy up top is one of the bugs that was swarming me thanks to the light I was holding right over my head. I kept it in the image just for the fond memories!

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