Friday, August 28, 2009

The Albuerme Family

I was flattered when Lisa called me from Palm Beach County, Florida to schedule a family session. She had found my work online and although I am available for travel she decided to make the trip up with her family. After rescheduling once, we met last Sunday evening. It's a little complicated when people are traveling to make sure we have good weather and that they don't waste the trip! This was a close one! The Albuerme's were a little late getting here so we were pressed for time with the sun setting as well as the impending thunderstorm! I am so so thankful we had enough time to get some beautiful shots and get off the beach just before the storm. The older boys will be heading back to New York soon (Manhattan!) so this was our last chance. I asked them if they prefer the city or the beaches and they were quick to reply Florida! What a fun family with four boys and all of them sporting very nice haircuts from their father (a barber in Boynton Beach.) Enjoy!

Silver ocean is one of my favorite things.

Oh what a sweetie!!

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