Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Goodbye to Summer!

Thanks to Justin for getting my kids to smile.
This was our "last night of summer" big hoorah... good times!

The Girls Club

Lucy using her strength to take advantage of Davis

sand flea hunting, yes there are six kids there all 6yrs and under...

ewwww, heebie jeebies...

the sand flea is airborn...

my boy loves to throw the ball....

also loves to eat, and eat, and eat... finally had to put a gate in front of the pantry so I wouldn't have to keep saying no when he brought out all the groceries, including cans of soup and just anything he could get his hands on... These kashi cookies are actually pretty good, but by the time he's done everything is smooshed!

next, the refrigerator... my hungry monkey... I do feed him, quite frequently in fact...

experimenting with various rolling techniques now that we have the new "do"... this one was Grandmommy's idea...

fun trip to the zoo with MeMe and our cousins from Michigan!

always finding little guy somewhere...

Our First Grader!!!! He's too cool for school.
Yep, forgot the camera for Mary's first day but she looked super cute I swear.

I wanted to post some family pics, rounding up the summer for us. Although I was super busy with work we had some good family time and now as the big kids are back to school, I'm catching up on projects like web updates and researching new ideas for the business as it grows. Breaking news today: the latest Angel Gray Photography assistant, Coleen, has accepted the position starting mid September! Coleen has a ton of experience managing a photography studio up north and will be very hands-on with the business administration as she also trains as my assistant during some sessions and weddings! I'm super excited to be working with her and I'll get her bio up here some time before she starts. A few sessions were cancelled lately due to weather but had a beautiful evening with Kelly and Chez this week (watch for those highlights!) and looking forward to family and senior portrait sessions this weekend as well as the Gabriel wedding and McCart family coming up!


  1. The kids look great! Logan looks so much older in his uniform! The beach looks like it was a lot of fun, I hear Dana is back to "high-fives"!
    -Uncle Dev

  2. Precious! Shane starts Kindergarten on Monday. I can't believe how fast it flies!