Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mary's big hair cut

My sweet Mary decided she was ready to have her hair cut. We waited a long time for her to get hair at all. At 2 years old she still had just a sprout of pigtails. But by this summer her hair was pretty long and although quite beautiful with its shiny waves, it was usually really tangled and the dramatic fits over brushing through it were getting so old I recently let her go 3 days without brushing it at all... through swimming pools, shampoos, ponytails, etc. Seriously we were on our way to dreads and I'm not sure I love that look on a 4 year old! Until recently she had feared my threats to cut it. Then out of the blue she decided she didn't mind that option at all, in fact, she wanted to cut it which totally gave her the upper hand (resulting in 3 days worth of tangles.) She was sure she wanted it cut short like her friend Lorelie's hair (which is in fact not cut at all but just hasn't really grown in yet.) After a few days of Mary expressing her decision in various strong-willed-child-ways, I called my hair dresser and asked if she could do it... soon. It turned out to be a super fun girl's day at the salon while we both got our hair done. Mary was very good I think and Erin did a great job at One Love Salon in Downtown Melbourne. Mary never had a second thought, never looked back and loves her new look! As hard as it is to have strong willed children, I just love that Mary knows what she wants and I'm hoping this will grow into a great strength later in life.
So, a few snapshots to document the big cut.

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