Sunday, August 22, 2010

UCF College of Medicine - White Coat Ceremony

I had the pleasure of returning to the UCF College of Medicine a few weeks ago to photograph their White Coat Ceremony. I hadn't been since they moved into the new building at Lake Nona in Orlando. Last time I shot there was Spring 2009 and I only heard talk of the plans for Lake Nona. I got involved with the college through a friend of mine -Marcy. I had photographed her family pictures and they were looking for a photographer to really capture something special at the college. Not just an event, but history, excitement... dreams becoming reality. That of course sounded interesting to me. (Oh and I also grew up a few doors down from Marcy and she had the awful job of babysitting me sometimes!) --Her family will actually be up on the blog later this week! Oh my gosh her kids are CRAZY CUTE. You must stay tuned.

Here's the thing about this school. Everyone I've been in contact with there is clearly passionate about the college and dedicated way beyond their job description.

Oh and the building is nice. Really nice.

I think this girl is a real student even though she appears to be a spokes model.
Super sweet smile right?

There's Marcy on the left hanging out with the other smarty pants doctors. If only they knew how smart a photographer has to be... they would be so jealous. They would quit their jobs right away and become photographers just to experience the depth of knowledge.
Or maybe not. Whichever. We wouldn't want all the docs quitting on us.

Eager new students - first day of school - again!
I am such a Grey's Anatomy fan, this is so Pilot Episode.
Seriously, looking through the images I realized that most of the pre-ceremony time I have guys talking to girls... I could have put up a whole montage of that and then realized I should be nice and not.

So here is one with just a guy and no girl. But it's cute how he's trying out his mail box.

I want a t-shirt. You never know, my kids might go there.
Of course they probably will because they are brilliant.

Here's another nice person, Wandy. And her nice friend whose name I don't know yet but appears to be a doctor.

Oh and I forgot to mention that the night before this I caught the stomach flu my family was passing around! I was so afraid I would be sick for the event! I figured though that I could ask someone for some kind of anti-nausea if I had to -right?! Well, I wasn't 100% better, but I just made sure to stay on an empty stomach until after the event so I wouldn't toss my cookies in the auditorium. There is seriously no room for being sick when you have an event to shoot but I would never cancel unless I was physically unable to look through my camera and click the shutter. Or at least click the shutter and point the camera in the right direction.

The main event above is the White Coat Ceremony where all the students in the new class (#2 to be exact) will receive their first white coat. It's special. Parents come.

There were opportunities to raise your hand. Brave I tell you.
But they all did it because they are med students.

And they all got a White Coat.

And they all had proud families and friends - my favorite part!

More nice people, Dr. German (the dean) and Lorraine the Event Coordinator.
Dr. German: Lorraine, what a beautiful job!
Lorraine: Oh go on.

ta da! Read more on the College of Medicine and the impressive staff and faculty here.

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