Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Zivoder Family

The Zivoder family was here on vacation from Ohio when we met to take some family portraits at Ryckman Park in Melbourne Beach. These kids are so adorable it is crazy. They have the sweetest little features and are obviously very happy children. It can be easy to stress your kids out before a photo shoot... and then get less than desirable behavior out of them during the shoot. I am guilty of this myself! But I could tell that even though Gina was very excited to have their portraits taken, she did not put any pressure on her family and thanks to that, they responded quite well! It's funny that I had just been up in Ohio/Michigan when we met. Gina's accent was the strongest I have ever heard though! It seemed like they were having a great vacation here and hopefully easy travel home!

see what I mean?

This is so hilarious to me... they went back for more treats and just stood there salivating. Treats can sometimes be key to your children's photography session. I prefer fruit snacks because I am not technically offering your kids candy and because they disappear quickly from their mouths. Of course I always ask first and would never give fruit snacks to babes!

We stopped at the beach for a few more...

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